Hollywood Undead in "American Tragedy"


Hollywood Undead “Notes from the Underground” masks

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Hollywood Undead - “Outside” (Official Lyric Video)

I’m in the mood for a little bit darker. Got some paper and a lighter…time to set it all on fuckin’ fire.

Dat Mask

Dat Mask

Outside is better than New Day now.

Please have my last breath, I would die for you.

J-Dog of Hollywood Undead

kickinback4life said: New day is by far the best in my opinion. Its kind of like an anthem like Young. I think it should be a single and should have been on all versions of the CD

100% agree

onenationunderanarchy said: I usually don't like J-Dog's sloppy flow, but From The Ground has to be one of their greatest songs of all time. It's so good. What is your favorite track on the standard version?

I’m going to have to say Outside, some of the best writing by Johnny.

dancelover2396 said: Just realized Notes From the Underground is out. So far as I can tell I don't really like it much. Only on the third track though

New Day has to be my favorite on the record so check that one out for sure!

I think I like ‘Notes From The Underground’ more than ‘Swan Songs’

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